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The Law Office of Ernest J. Edwards provides legal representation in criminal and family law cases in the District of Columbia and Maryland. My office aims to provide competent, diligent, legal representation to clients at a reasonable fee.

The Advantages of My Law Office

Competent, Diligent Representation

I am knowledgeable in criminal and family law and can provide skilled legal services. Many people go to the internet to learn about the law, find “do-it-yourself” forms and represent themselves. However, many internet legal services providers may not even be attorneys and thus cannot offer you any legal advice or explain the nuances of the law to you. And while these legal service providers may provide you with forms, you do not have an attorney to review them, provide you with any legal information that is relevant to your situation or give you effective representation. I can provide detailed, legal advice that is pertinent to your case. I can provide representation that not only will save you time but will produce better results than if you represented yourself.

A Personalized Relationship

I would like to maintain life-long, mutually beneficial relationships with my clients. Many free legal service providers are overwhelmed and you may have to wait a long time before receiving assistance from an attorney. Sometimes, attorneys are so overwhelmed that they cannot devote as much attention to your case as you would like. Conversely, it is in my interest to ensure to you are getting competent legal representation. I am readily accessible to assist you with your legal problems.


I realize that many customers that want legal services work full time jobs and cannot take off time from work. Other customers have to wait all day at a legal clinic for a volunteer to help them with their legal problem. Therefore, I primarily interact with clients by computer and telephone. This eliminates the need to travel long distances, take time off from work or wait for hours to speak with your attorney. My schedule is flexible so I am available to speak with clients after normal business hours.


I aim to make my legal services accessible. Most lawyers offer full legal representation, require large retainers and charge by the hour. Unfortunately, this billing model keeps legal services too expensive for most people. It is common in many cases for legal fees to be tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, customers typically do not know the final cost of legal services until they receive the bill. This often results in the lawyer dropping a client’s case for non payment of lawyer fees, the lawyer acting as a debt collector (as opposed to working for the client’s benefit) and the client having to go to a pro bono clinic or representing himself in court. In addition to traditional billing, my office offers limited scope representation, payment plans and tries to implement flat fees whenever possible. I will only provide the services that you need and you will know how much you have to pay in advance to the furthest extent possible.