What Should You Do After a Drug Possession Charge?

Contact a drug charges lawyer in Chevy Chase, MD

When you’ve been charged with a drug offense, don’t get thrown in jail or risk losing your license. Drug offense charges can come with serious consequences, but you can rely on a drug chargers lawyer to decide the best route for your case. The Law Office of Ernest J. Edwards can increase your chances of a reduced drug charge. Whether you’ve been accused of possession or distribution, our attorney will build a strong case for you in Chevy Chase, MD.

Don’t put your life on hold after a drug offense charge

If you’ve been charged with drug possession, you might be worried about serving jailtime or facing other tough consequences. You still have rights, so seek justice with attorney Edwards. Schedule a consultation today by calling 202-594-8283, and we’ll work to get your life back on track despite a drug offense charge.