Mutual Consent Divorce In Maryland: Divorce The Easy Way

Let’s say that you are married and miserable. You tried to work through your marital issues, you went to therapy, you separated and tried to see that would help but nothing worked. You and your spouse are still intent on getting a divorce. What is the quickest way to achieve this end? The typical way […]

Cooperation Is Better Than Conflict in Family Law Cases

Before having a long out, arduous, emotion filled legal dispute with your former spouse or significant other, this is a reminder that it is better to work through your issues outside of the courtroom before having letting a judge decide your fate. A judge that decides your case has the responsibility of only considering the […]

Modifying Child Support in Maryland

A common question I receive is “Under what circumstances can a child support order be changed?” A child support order may be issued by a court during a divorce or custody dispute.  During a proceeding when custody, visitation or child support are being decided, the court follows the Child Support Guidelines in order to determine the appropriate amount of […]

Creating Enforceable Prenuptial Agreements in Maryland – Things to Know

Prenuptial agreements are a great tool for stating the property rights of assets owned before marriage and how marital property and debts will be fairly distributed after marriage. While properly executed prenuptial agreements are generally valid, there are some pitfalls that individuals make that will bring the validity of the agreement into question and risk […]

Should I Represent Myself or Hire a Lawyer?

There are many Americans who are unable to gain access to legal services. The percentage of litigants who go to court without the assistance of an attorney (which is “pro se”) is quite high. According to a statistics by the National Association for Court Management, over 4.3 million of litigants are self-represented in California. In […]